Si-Fu Lee Jacobs

Chief Instructor
Lee first started his training in Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1997 having been first introduced to the martial arts by a friend who trained in Karate, after achieving his Dan grade he quickly became enthusiastic about Martial Arts and we then introduced to Wing Chun & due to it’s versatility and effectiveness he soon stopped training in other arts. Lee was soon devoting 20 hours + per week to his training and his level improved rapidly. He had the honour of training with some of the best martial artists in the world and continues to do so.

His love of Wing Chun and his natural ability to teach others led to him being asked to open a class in Maidstone, his home town.



Lee has had the privilege of training under Grand Master Keith Kernspecht who is the only private student of Great Grand Master Leung Ting who was chosen by Grand Master Ip Man (the last undisputed Grand Master of the Wing Chun system) to take over his mantle. One of the highlights of Lee’s Wing Chun journey was training with Great Grand Master Leung Ting when he visited the UK in 2001.

After traveling and meeting with a large variety of fellow Wing Chun enthusiasts Lee has found what he believes to a complete and direct path from start to finish within the Wing Chun system and has chosen to continue his education and development from Si-Fu Martin Hofmann.


 Si-Fu Lee travels regularly to train with Si-Fu Martin Hofmann 


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